Valuing what’s valuable

By definition, a label contains an indication of the quality, quantity and value of what it is applied to. It plays an extremely important narrative role: this is the value underpinning what we do. Valuing a product or service through a tool: whether it is its colour, or its material, which is adapted to suit the type of medium on which it is applied, the label can remain impressed in people’s minds and become the symbol of a product.


The strength of genuine quality

A label stays forever. It provides an indication of wear and use of a product, information about its components, conveys its message and personality. Whether formal or more casual, the label is the first impression that remains in the customer’s mind, which is why we only want the best, from every perspective. Choice materials, state-of-the-art printing techniques, permanent adhesives and the impeccable combination of these elements turn our know-how into a guarantee of quality.

design planning

A shared journey

Here at Seriart G2, designing together with our customer is vital. Labels and logos are not conceived as accessory elements, but rather as genuine product components. Together with our customers, we define the most suitable place where the label is to be applied, so that it fits perfectly, like a glove.


Painstaking care for every tiny detail

Thanks to our experience and expertise, we add that extra tiny touch that truly makes a difference. Multiple years of experience, combined with skilled personnel with up-to-date know-how are our added value to ensure that what we produce is much more than just a label, but rather a product that’s perfect in every way.

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Where we are

Seriart G2 is located in the heart of Central Italy: connections to the whole world radiate from here. In the USA we have a sales office dedicated to the North American market.