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Seriart G2

The specialist in printing
logos and branding solutions.

We started out as an industrial silk-screen printing company in 1977. Today, thanks to unwavering research and to the support of state-of- the-art silk-screen and digital printing technologies, we have become specialists in three-dimensional branding solutions. We are lucky to have partnered up with prestigious brands and major industrial groups, mainly in the fashion, automotive and electronics industries. Compliance with the strictest quality standards and our ability to take on ever-new challenges has allowed us to work in the most diverse sectors over time.

Choosing Seriart G2 means relying on specialists with a lengthy and well-structured experience in the sector, who know just what the market demands. Every project we complete - from the co-design phase with the customer to the final printing of the logo - starts up a production process which utilises cutting-edge technologies and involves our entire team of professionals at various levels. Preciousness, durability and details are the key words underpinning what we do and, at the same time, the values we embrace

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Where we are

Seriart G2 is located in the heart of Central Italy: connections to the whole world radiate from here. In the USA we have a sales office dedicated to the North American market.