Let’s start with design

Building a brand also involves the graphic portrayal of the most appropriate image. Nevertheless, its design concept needs to be put into practice correctly. Here at Seriart G2, we have a design team that brings together professionals from various areas of expertise, from graphic design to communication, to accompany you in your choice of the most appropriate label for a particular product type and help you value every graphic detail.


A shared journey

Another fundamental aspect for us is the shared design with our customers, because the label shouldn’t be an external element simply applied to a product, but it needs to be capable of adapting to the product and forming a single whole with it. Together with our customers, we study the space on the product on which the label is to be applied, so that it fits perfectly, like a glove.


Proprietary technologies

With time and the cooperation of our engineers, we have developed bespoke proprietary technologies, which allow us to create unique products that are truly one of a kind. Both the machinery used and the materials implemented are designed and developed in-house. It’s our secret ingredient: our logos are unique, since they are made with our own tools and technologies that others cannot acquire.

Find out what we can do for you

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Where we are

Seriart G2 is located in the heart of Central Italy: connections to the whole world radiate from here. In the USA we have a sales office dedicated to the North American market.